About The Apartment People

The Apartment People has been matching Chicago apartment owners and renters since 1984. We provide renters with an efficient, cost-free way to find an apartment, while also providing owners with a highly effective way to market their properties to prospective renters. The Apartment People has revolutionized the apartment rental industry and has become a business model for many apartment rental services in Chicago and around the country. Furthermore, our service and dedication has been recognized through several awards including the Better Business Bureau's Award for Marketplace Ethics.

As a leader in the industry, we also play a significant role in our community. Each year we donate both time and money to outreach programs, charitable organizations and community environmental projects. For more information on our service call or visit one of our offices today. See the difference that our many years of experience makes and see why almost 30,000 renters rely on the Apartment People each year.



Each year the Apartment People donates thousands of dollars through outreach programs, charitable organizations and community events. Together with community leaders, non-profits and individuals we're proud to be an active member in the communities we all live in. Through programs, such as those below, the Apartment People strives to inform and partner in endeavors that support the diversity of each and every unique neighborhood that thousands call home in Chicago.