Inspirational Apartment Blogs

Our Favorite Apartment Blogs


It’s the beginning of a new year and it’s around this time that people tend to feel the need for change. Something new! Something fresh! Instead of doing something drastic like chopping off all of your hair or getting a tattoo, maybe just changing your décor would do the trick.

Rearrange some furniture and save those hardwood floors from wear and travel patterns. Paint or start a picture wall to personalize your room. Purchase some new rugs or throw pillows to add some character to your space. Honestly, there are so many ideas, and so little time to browse Pinterest, that we decided to put together a list of our favorite apartment blogs to get you started. 


1.  Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy believes in helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized, and healthy by connecting them to the right resources, ideas, and a supportive online community. We love them because of their clean and easy to browse website. They have everything for your home from style and DIY ideas to small living and budgeting.












2. The Inside  Man – Apartment Therapy

Image via The Inside Man

Image via The Inside Man

A brother blog to Apartment Therapy, The Inside Man is Valspar Paint’s commitment to style that conveys a more personal, sophisticated, and yes, masculine point of view. We love it because who says that only women love interior design and apartment décor? The Inside Man helps guide us through color inspiration and organization and we are better for it.












3.      Style Me Pretty – Living

Although Style Me Pretty is traditionally a savvy wedding resource that is devoted to the modern bride, they also take their gorgeous style and bring it into home living.  We can’t get enough of the beautiful images and ideas that they showcase.  They also do a wonderful job at sharing who or what is featured in each post so you know where to purchase your own.














4.      Tiny-ass Apartment

Image via HGTV

Image via HGTV

A blog dedicated to those of us with apartments the size of thumbnails, TAA is our saving grace.  We love it because it covers everything from storage solutions to ideas for dividing up space to cleverly utilizing all of those overlooked nooks and crannies.  “It’s a blog about big-ass style in a tiny-ass apartment!













5.      TRNK

Image via TRNK

Image via TRNK

TRNK is a gorgeous site that aims to redefine how men think about and shop for the home.  We’re infatuated because it is a one stop shop for masculine design.  Literally!  They have shop-able products on their site!  It’s the perfect site to help men design their home without adding neon beer signs and or bear-skin rugs.




6.       Apt Envy

The AptEnvy blog is too much fun.  Seriously, go look at it right now.  Its loyalty lies in “improving the lifestyle of everyone who’s renting the American Dream.”  Not only does Kerra Michele post about her own practices, ideas, cute Etsy shops, and DIYs, but she also adds fun gifs to show her enthusiasm for what she’s found.  Browsing AptEnvyBlog brings your apartment one step closer to making all of the other apartments jealous.



7.      Homedit

Image via Homedit

Image via Homedit

Homedit, an interior design and architecture site, has a section dedicated to apartment design and we can’t thank them enough for it.  If you are looking to improve your own apartment, looking for ways to maximize your living space, or just looking to spend hours browsing impressive design, Homedit is where you want to be.













8.      House Tweaking

Image via HouseTweaking

Image via House Tweaking

House Tweaking could not be any cuter.  Her motto is, “because home doesn’t happen overnight,” and we totally agree.  It takes time and effort to build your dream home and this site is an inspiration.  She organizes, designs, renovates, and budgets and we can’t get enough of it!













9.      Apartment34

Image via Apartment34

Image via Apartment34

A blog that offers inspiring ways to add sophisticated style to everyday life, Apartment34 gives us unique and creative ideas on everything from fashion to food to décor.  We’ve got a crush on their clean design and fresh style.  You can find everything from DIY ideas to apartment feng shui on Apartment34. Love!

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  1. These are fantastic ideas thanks for sharing! If I ever move to a fresh apartment I’ll try these tips out!

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