Finding The Right Chicago Neighborhood For You

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Finding the right place to live is a very personal process, as there are a lot of factors that can impact your decision in which neighborhood is right for you. The media demonstrates Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods (Andersonville was ranked 7th in the country by Redfin), the tightest inventory of homes (Cicero has lowest inventory right now), and the most rapid increase in prices. But do these news blurbs influence your idea of the perfect Chicago neighborhood?

In my opinion, the answer leans towards no. What may be appealing to one person may not be to another. Over the course of our time in the Chicago Real Estate Industry, it is safe to say that we have learned Logan Square to be considered one of the “hottest” neighborhoods in the city for millennials. However, the appeal of a millennial can be much different for someone my age.

I know what is important to me, do you know what is important to you?


Lincoln Park by John Noltner

The best way to find the right neighborhood is to explore Chicago and spend some quality time in the places that are most attractive to you. Visit the parks, bars, and restaurants of each neighborhood, and perhaps talk with residents that can give you an honest perspective. Make sure you feel comfortable and there are no conflicts with your needs.

For example, are you someone who prefers to live closer or further from work? Could having a long commute everyday be too monotonous? Do keep in mind, routine transportation can actually be therapeutic. With mobile phones, tablets, and hot spots, we rarely waste the commute time.

At Homelogy, our goal is not to replace your assessment of where the right place is for you, but to help you get in the right ballpark. We give you information that allows you to make a decision faster. Then we link you up with experts on the locations you are considering, such as the apartment and neighborhood specialists at Apartment People.  This is a wining combination – community matching, neighborhood specialists, and your own sense of being at home.

DIY Kitchen Hacks for Renters

DIY Kitchen Hacks for Renters

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If you live in a rental property, you may feel that your hands are tied when it comes to customizing and optimizing your space. Many renters feel the most constrained when it comes to making changes in the kitchen but there are plenty of smart solutions for cramped, outdated, and plain kitchens. We’ve put together some easy and fun DIY ideas to make your kitchen stand out and become more functional.

Problem: Limited Counter Space and Storage

Mason Jar


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