Edgewater’s Newest Development: Broadway Place Apartments

Our newest exclusive development, Broadway Place Apartments!


2 bedrooms starting at $1700!
3 bedrooms starting at $2280!

Newly constructed 42 unit, pet friendly building at the intersection of Andersonville and Edgewater‘s Bryn Mawr Historic District. 14 Distinct floorplans to choose from. Building amenities include dog run/dog wash, common roof deck, boutique hotel like lobby, indoor and outdoor parking, central location (near beach, Andersonville and Bryn Mawr “L” stop), high tech video surveillance and entry system, extra storage unit. Units include brand new counters, stainless steel appliances, dishwashers, and laundry in-unit, private outdoor spaces, sliding “barn” style doors, designer contemporary finishes, LED lighting, city and skyline views, en-suite master bedroom, spa style baths, large walk-in closets, 10’ ceilings with recessed lights, and private balconies.


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ID 50547

• Available September 1
• Edgewater (at the Intersection of Andersonville and Edgewater’s Bryn Mawr Historic District) (near beach, Andersonville and Bryn Mawr El stop)
• New construct, 42-unit building
• Common roofdeck with city and skyline views
• Boutique hotel-like lobby with high-tech video surveillance and entry system
• Extra storage available
• Pet-friendly (breed restrictions and fees apply). + dog run and dog wash!
• Central air
• 2- and 3-bedroom units with 14 distinct floor plans to choose from and private balconies
• En-suite master bedrooms
• Spa-style baths
• Large walk-in closets
• 10-foot ceilings with recessed lights
• Indoor and outdoor parking
• New quartz and stainless steel kitchens with dishwashers and microwaves
• Sliding barn-style doors
• Designer contemporary finishes
• LED lighting
• Cable and internet ready
• Blinds

Open house is Saturday and Sunday (August 1st and 2nd), 12pm-2pm. 5427 N. Broadway

For more information on this unit or the open house, please contact Apartment People at 773.248.8800. You can visit us online at www.apartmentpeople.com. When contacting us, please mention building ID #50547.

Edgewater: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

by Tara Teague

Edgewater: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

A place where people take pride in their gardens, block parties are a regular occurrence, and you (gasp) know your neighbor’s names. Where Lakefront beaches, tree lined bike paths, and neighborhood parks are in abundance, Edgewater has transitioned into a community with all the perks of a trendy town, yet simple accessibility to your big city admiration.
Edgewater Chicago Historic District

A Sense of Community with Extensive City Accessibility.

A neighborhood known for its diversity, this once sleepy abode has transformed itself into quite the contemporary living. A place where a serene stroll to the beach, with a book in one hand, and a journal in the other, is just as common as the quick thirty minute train ride to downtown. A straight shot on the red line allows an easy commute to work, your favorite summer festival, or the opening of that new sushi restaurant you recently reviewed. With plentiful public transportation, including a newly accumulated Thorndale Red Line stop that boasts a beautiful artistic mosaic, the 147 express bus straight to downtown, the 151 Sheridan or 36 Broadway buses to Lincoln Park zoo, it’s an adjective I wouldn’t quite call a ‘commute’.

Man Walking Dog Along Edgewater Lake Michigan shore

An understated stomping ground, Edgewater boasts a unique communality with diversified ethnic inspired restaurants and grocery stores that are favorable to the mouth and easy on the wallet – giving this area a true mixed bag of mom and pop variety.

Within this colorful district lies a social setting nook, common to the local, and welcomed to the general. Andersonville, a crowd pleasing neighborhood notorious for its trendy cafes, bars, and approachable ambiance allows these hidden retreats to appeal to the eye seeking a new take on the Chicago scene. From Raven Theatre Company the fresh faced cozy entertainment niche is perfect for a Saturday night group outing to a spontaneous Sunday afternoon date. With an inexpensive ticket option, free parking and an amusing escape. To Simon’s Tavern, a onetime basement speakeasy that includes signatures like the Swedish wine drink Glogg – a classic Scandinavian hot spiced wine punch – to assist tolerating those winter nights.

Just like Mumford and Sons, I recommend immersing yourself in what this affordable area has to offer! Before the blink of a mainstream eye hits it with a review and your local pub incidentally makes the conversion from a jukebox to an over saturated chain … Edgewater – Calm enough to live, crazy enough to be interesting.

We hear parking can be a bit tough at times! ParkNav’s app can help you with that.

Real Estate Apartment Assistance in Chicago

by Tara Teague

Southerner Finds Magnetic Metropolis


Relocation assistance to Chicago

Image by  musemathematics

I quickly realized when I moved here my time was better spent learning the names of the buildings over street locations, as it seemed to be the ultimate landmark maneuver for every direction given. What I didn’t comprehend is that neighborhood comprehension is like unwittingly transforming into your modern day palm reader. Reflecting into the memory mirror not only allows an explanation as to why it seems to be a top of mind question, but also why I consistently feel as though I’m being psychoanalyzed after mentioning mine. Now I know in most urban cities people tend to situationally be in more of a rush. It’s a race to catch the train, hail the first cab, or gain the newly flustered barista’s attention; but I had never assumed anyone had found an outlet that could reveal character nature as easily as “Wicker Park“. This real estate unearthing has presented a playground for those who have high hopes of keeping Netflix to the tempest month, and a social life at an extended shelf life. Arriving in unfamiliar territory, I had myself convince that the neighborhood I chose, converted to my communal appeal with every assumption. What I learned is that chameleon metamorphosis didn’t have to be a rent exchange. Eccentricity is the Chicago belonging. With this innovation, I made the bold decision that I would happily digress the beaten path and walk down a conveniently close CTA free lined road.

From Al Capone to Beyonce, the do-it-yourself internal urge is not an uncommon one. Ever since Larry Page opened the doors to limitless knowledge by the tap of a single word – widely known as Google – the self discovery of possibilities are endless. With sites like Zillow and Hotpads who needs an agent? Who needs assistance? Our virtual search engine accessibility as flooded our reasoning to avoid city traffic and potential six minute lobby wait. But as the old proverb has timelessly questioned, what truly does convert a house into a home? How does the wormhole become your new study nook, foreshadows your new pub, and three doors down you new friend? Making the 1,754 mile move, in a U-Haul with nothing but AM radio, a sight unseen lease and that minute law against wine and driving is anything but as simple as Dorothy and her red shoes will have you believe. Attempting to conquer the countless listings as a solo pursuit can begin to feel more like a full-time position than a stimulating new chapter.

Relocation Assistance to Chicago - Train

Image by Joeff.com

Agent familiarity gained by experience is a consciousness you can only unveil through a personal hand shake; a hand that radiates the same enthusiasm a neighborhood pursuit should ideally be in your unique position.

If only I had known then what I know now I would have searched “Apartment Assistance” as opposed to “Apartment Availability”.

Save your Google search for Affordable Portables, and allow an agent to find your perfect pair of red slippers … or Uggs, whichever you prefer.

Apartment of the Week

This week’s Apartment of the Week is nestled in Chicago’s trendy Logan Square neighborhood. This two bedroom, two bathroom condo is right across the street from Palmer Square, between Fullerton and Armitage. There is central a/c, in-unit laundry, and is dog-friendly! (Sorry cat lovers, no cats allowed here.) Walgreens, Parson’s Chicken & Fish, Scofflaw, and the California Blue Line are all within 10 minutes! Schedule an appointment to view this unit today!

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Chicago Millennials On the Move

By: Tara Teague

Homes with an ink signature that result in a mortgage, not a lease.


As Chicago’s moving season kicks into high gear, the renting pool may be reconsidering their options. The dramatically higher rents have Chicago millennials wondering if buying may be the wiser alternative. In some cases, mortgage payments may be the less expensive route over renting, due to steady home prices and record low interest rates. According to the National Association of Realtors, the Millennial Generation (those born in the early 1980’s to the late 1990’s) has quickly become one of the largest segments of home buyers across the country. Despite the inordinate monthly payments of student loan debt – a large number of this millennial group may be facing – buying has become more feasible due to the improved job market, lower interest rates, and flexibility with lending qualifications. The question is how can you determine whether buying may be the best option for you right now?

Happy Couple Dream New Home Chicago Millennials

Consider the below while you’re in your indeterminate state of whether you should buy or rent:


Rents Have Increased: Many of Chicago’s trendiest neighborhoods have seen an average rent increase of 5 to 8 percent.

Lending qualifications have loosened: Many lenders are now offering down payment programs for first time home buyers. With good credit, the possibility of as little as 3 percent down is not uncommon. Lenders had previously required 20 percent, which undoubtedly was the most substantial obstacle for most buyers. With this change, mortgage insurance rates on FHA loans have also been reduced from 1.35 percent to 0.85 percent, which amounts to an average savings of 1000 dollars per year.

Record Low Interest Rates: Interest rates are still at a record low, now hovering around 4 percent.

Know Your Credit Score: Your credit score is one of the most important factors in the home buying process. It will not only determine whether or not you will qualify for a loan, but also the interest rate you will pay. Annual Credit Report

Additional Costs of Home Ownership: A number of additional costs to consider, aside from the monthly mortgage payment, are taxes, assessments, utilities and repairs. These, you’ll find, will make up a significant part of your total monthly housing budget.

Decide how much you can afford: Deciding how much you can spend on a new home will require some research. Typically, lenders do not want you to exceed 30 percent of your total monthly gross income for housing. A mortgage calculator is the best place to start. http://aprealty.com/financing/

Long Term Goals: A number of factors will determine whether you are financially ready for homeownership. Keeping in mind that facet only allots for one end of the spectrum, here are a few questions that will help you determine whether you are mentally prepared:

  • Am I committed to homeownership and all the responsibilities it entails?
  • Do I plan on staying within my company for a few years?
  • Do I plan on moving in the next 3-5 years?

It’s not unusual to feel apprehensive when it comes to purchasing your first home, but if you decide you’re ready, it’s a commitment that’s well worth the leap! https://app.guaranteedrate.com/start

Chicago Millennials Millennium Park