Chicago Apartment of the Week: Rogers Park

This classic Chicago bungalow is the perfect Chicago Apartment of the Week! (Or House of the Week.) This 3BR, 2.5BA home is located in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood and this home features new stainless steel appliances, quartz counters in kitchen, and a separate dining room! You will also find new bathrooms, sky lights, and two window AC units. The back porch is screened-in and there is a fully fenced yard with once a month lawn care provided! A perfect space for a single family with a dog!!

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Energy Saving Tips

by Tara Teague

Energy Saving Tips


Energy Saving Tipsimage via camhydro


In thinking about the title of this blog, I almost considered using the word “thrift” until I concluded that it’s adjacent to the practicality of this piece. I am moderately certain the majority of us have spent more than a few minutes dancing away into our own incubus of imagination: feet in the sand, French beret, Instagram selfie with the Parthenon. On the other hand, perhaps it’s just a simple staycation with some homemade pastries and a massage. Whatever reverie it may be, it is difficult to increase your income instantly and the reality is rent is not fleeing your bank account anytime soon. So what options are we left to unveil? The dreadful cost-cutting concept! For a large population, one of the greater monthly expenses is the abominable energy bill. Luckily, some innovative ways to slice that bill down the middle have surfaced and, more importantly, it will not cost you much to do. These tips may not get you to the Greek Islands quite yet, but as my grandpa always said, “A penny saved, is a penny earned.”

1. Weather Stripping
Apply around your doorframes and windows to avoid the chill or heat of that air from entering. Extremely simple concept and it retails for less than six dollars a roll.

2. Caulking
Instantly seal any cracks in your door or window moldings. Unless you are in a new construction, you may be surprised at the amount of quaint fractures you will discover. Quick tip: Do it before the weather drops for its full potential.

3. Outlet Plate Insulation
Did you know that your outlets could indeed leak heat from your home? Unscrew the plate, put the piece of insulation around the outlets, and screw the plate back on; these will not cost you more than a Grande latte. To be clear, I am speaking of your exterior outlets, but using plugs inside will add to the depth of this method and of course instantly protect if you ever have some little ones crawling around.

4. Power strip/ Smart strips
Fun fact: Around 75% of electric power usage is wasted energy tabbed “phantom power”. Plug your most used electronics into this strip. (Laptop, iPad, speakers, phone charger, bedside lamp.) Using the single control port, you turn all your devices off at once.

For my fellow ladies out there, I use a power strip for my hair appliance. I have my blow dryer, straightener, curling wand, and makeup mirror all on one. Not only am I saving energy, but I am also saving time flipping that switch for those mornings I abundantly hit snooze … which never happens, of course.

5. Replace your furnace filter systematically
Recommended every 30 to 90 days.

6. Use compact florescent light bulbs
These may cost you a few bucks more, but they will likely last over a year. Make sure to keep them dusted as this not only allows for better home lighting, but also retains the efficient energy. If applicable, install dimmer switches. (You do your laundry, right? You can handle feather dusting your light bulbs once a week.)

7. Clean your lint trap after each use
While we’re on the topic of unwashed linen … Not only will the percentage of your home burning down decrease, but you will save ample energy with this habit. The dryer will run more efficiently, last longer, you know the procedure – everyone’s happy.

8. Use lids when boiling water
Continuing with the unplanned domestication suggestions, when boiling water uncovered, it consumes time, which consumes energy. Placing a lid on that pot will allow water to boil quicker, save electricity, and get that pasta to your taste buds sooner. Just remember to keep an eye on the pot so that it doesn’t boil over.

9. Clock that oven time
When baking, turn your oven off around ten minutes prior to the required cooking time and allow the heat still in the oven to complete the baking.

10. Pressure cookers
Efficient, convenient, half the time, and half the money.

Shhh. If you listen closely, your bank account just pitched a crowning point.



Take a look inside of this modern 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. This Chicago Apartment of the Week is located in East Village and this gorgeous space comes with hardwood floors, a gas fireplace, central air, and laundry in-unit. A modern kitchen and bath complete this warm walk-up. This home is wedged right in between the restaurants and night life on Chicago and Grand. Contact us to schedule a viewing!

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The Newcomer’s Guide to Summer in Chicago

by Tara Teague

Living in a city with weather as bipolar as a Bachelorette contestant, our local scene is eagerly jumping at the chance to bathe in the SPF. A metropolis that comes to life, from the individual to the lily gardens, allowing the pursuit of summer recreation to hasten like a broken levy. Not only do these months allow for a season of captivated memories, but grants the transition of our newest transports to comfortably engage in the summer site with ease. Given the array of events that appeal to the diverse personalities is one facet of this admirable city that makes our summer months uniquely original. If we can promise one thing, it is that there is no shortage of experiences to engage. Chicago; Come one, come all.


Here are a few ideas to throw on that August 80 degree bucket list:


Shoreline Tour Summer Chicago Image by Shoreline Sightseeing

Shoreline Sightseeing and Zanies Comedy Club, team up for a must-see comedy cruise. With two dates scheduled, August 7 and September 18, this act combines witty satire aboard the scenic Chicago waterways. Zanies, the 1978 self-proclaimed original Chicago comedy nightclub, are sure not to disappoint. For 39 dollars, you receive a 90-minute act, a drink ticket, and a noteworthy night… Not too bad for a couple of Andrew Jackson’s.


Pequods Summer ChicagoImage by maxfaxpax

Chicago Pizza Tour. This is Chicago. I beg of someone to find a reason not to indulge in this three guided tour that allows you to not only try this connoisseur cuisine, but walks you behind the scenes into some of the most elite kitchens to learn the true physics of what makes our pies worth every calorie.


Great American Lobster Fest Summer ChicagoImage by American Lobster Fest

Great American Lobster Fest. Located in the quintessential Navy Pier Ballroom, with highlighted lobster flown in from Boston, this two day event features a local band line-up, family friendly activities, and exclusive art browsing. With various ticket options from VIP surf and turf, to general admission, this affair is more than worth the entry if only for the social spectacle, sun tan lines and notorious Air & Water show happening directly vertical of your foot plant.


City Lights Bike Tour Summer ChicagoImage by viator

City Lights at Night Bike Tour. This 8 mile bike ride conveys a new take on the cities most coveted attractions. Cruising through sites like, Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain and it’s stunning light show to the staggering skyline. This tour gives locals and travelers alike an exotic aspect on this magnetic, urban oasis.  Tip: Try this exploit on a Wednesday or Saturday night and end it with the gorgeous glow of our profound fireworks display reflecting off waves of Lake Michigan.


Summer Chicago Social Sport Scene Image by loveplaytravel

Chicago Social Sport Scene. Ever heard of Broomball? It’s not just for the Kane’s out there. This take of Chicago’s beloved hockey devotees can now combat this pastime with a broom, the trendiest hockey stick out there 😉  From Volleyball to Kickball, Softball to flag football, it’s quite the task to uncover a game you won’t easily acclimate to. Don’t worry, your Netflix will still be available when you return home and that IPA will taste much more rewarding after a few calories burned, and a few friends made.


Summer Chicago SUP Yoga Image by ChicagoSUP

Chicago SUP. From euphoric paddle board savasana to kayaking through the river, this carefree beach vibe transplants the West Coast to North Ave. From solo expedition to group outings this single source shore shack is your full service stop- and at a reasonable price. Jet Ski, paddle board, kayak, take a yoga lesson, just get out there and sunshine study our summer literature.


Our over worked, over drank, commitment saving tip: Pledge to a date or day with a -no cancellation-colleague? Grab a blanket, some ibuprofen, and browse through the Chicago Park  District website and propose this suggestion. It was all YOUR preconceived idea anyway…