Technology: Moving Made Easier

by Tara Teague

Technology: Moving Made Easier

The simplistic side of relocation… yes, it exists.


Presumably considered one of the most stressful situations to endure, a change of address can earn even the most organized party to find themselves in the pharmacy line evaluating the newly prescribed blood pressure script. Thankfully, the progression of mobile technology, online simplicity, and the overall social media epidemic has transformed the thought of a physical map to the fading equivalence of a landline. With the coming of age millennial influence, it’s no secret the go-to problem solver recedes in a palm sized handheld device. The compelling element to the new age advancement is the growing commodity of our beloved Generation X. A change of scenery is one thing, but a populous shift in foreign mechanics, may be too much to digest. But as the age old spousal argument will prove, men’s refusal to ask for directions, and woman’s irritation with the unnecessary loss of time, apps aren’t just for the ‘kids’ these days. Let’s take a minute to venture into the tunnel of a quick and accessible web way of life.

 Technology Hire a Helper

Hire a Helper.

A website that allows you to rent your own moving truck, with an average of $29.99 for a mid-sized vehicle (Plus .99 cents per mile- give or take the company you choose). Now that you have the vehicle, you may need the extra muscle, hence the creation of Hire a Helper. Choose your favorite moving company by simply inputting your zip code, and viola! You have not only the strength to help you load your vehicle, but you can choose how many biceps you feel as though it may require to move your antique dresser and over sized sectional. You can compare pricing, reviews and find an average savings of 30-35 percent. The new dining set you’ve been secretly eyeing just became much more guilt free.

For the growing family.

Great Schools  has created a resource that eliminates a mothers concern by allowing a search bar to input your new location and the grade level you are inquiring about. Great Schools will not only filter the leading school districts in your future area, but has teamed up with Zillow to show all available listings for sale or rent within the district’s neighborhood. Created by a parent, for the parent, to free the critical peace of mind.

Gas Buddy.

With the unpredictable gas rates, preserving any dollar I can get at the station is a considerable deal to most. Download this free app, it will use GPS to find your current location, and create a categorized list, by lowest pump price. Competitive pricing brought to you with a click of a download. Gas Buddy


If you’re anything like me, furniture assemble is more like an external map of drawings; I can only assume a six year old created. The process of flipping the instruction manual side to side, head tilted, squinted eyes; I’ve even found myself looking at it upside down, thoroughly convincing myself that was actually the correct way to assemble part F into part W. The handyman position is one of the most underrated occupations of all time. I think it’s how I’ve made it ‘on my own’ this far. This magical free app will show your local handymen with a clean reputation and a reputable service. With a surplus of neighborly reviews, you’ve found your own one stop shop for those seemingly tiresome tasks. Taskrabbit App

Around Me.

A free app that will show you exactly what you want, when you want it. A location based source, this app is perfect for the newcomer who doesn’t want to navigate far. With a range leading to a surplus of destinations, its focus based around the entertainment side, lending a hand to the closest theater, karaoke night, sushi opening but still has a few more practical options such as gas stations, ATM’s and hospitals. Around Me App


Although it is actually not considered a sister app of ‘Around me’, I’m feeling the family vibe coming at me like a Thanksgiving meal. Similar in ideals and personality, Scouts authentic value appears in the form of alerting you of your newfound neighborhood events. Unearth a new concert that may be the next Bon Jovi and you didn’t even know his first live performance was happening 300 feet from your door. From local bands, to plays, to food and art festivals, this app reminds you why you love your city. Scout App

Technology Meet Up

Meet Up.

One of the most prime resources to connect with like-minded individuals through common interests and ideals. This app grants an uncomplicated way to involve you in activities, events, charity projects, or just a collaboration of similar thought processes. Not only is this eclectic innovation an incredibly simple way to make new friends, but it allows you to run with this concept in any way you choose; from a casual outing, to a useful tool. For example, I have joined writing meet-ups to gain genuine feedback in a supportive and helpful environment. Meet Up

I also made a friend. His name is Ned. He is 73 years old and a world of brilliance. I know this because Ned and I met for coffee last Tuesday and he gave me permission to broadcast his date of birth.


Moving, making friends, giving that questionable hotdog stand a chance… see, there’s always a silver lining. In my case it was a retired Literature professor, who walked with a cane, smoked like a chimney, and told me change is good, especially when you have Wi-Fi.

Five Star Professional Recognizes Peter Basile, Jr. of AP Realty — Basile Realty Group as a 2015 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award Winner


Peter Basile, Jr. accomplishes what only a small percentage of real estate agents in the Chicago area have achieved.


Peter Basile, Jr. of AP Realty, Basile Realty Group is featured in a special section of the October issue of Chicago magazine as a 2015 Five Star Real Estate Agent award winner.

Peter Basile AP Realty Chicago

Peter Basile Jr., AP Realty, Chicago

Five Star Professional partnered with Chicago magazine to identify and showcase an exclusive group of real estate agents who have demonstrated excellence in their field. Less than 7 percent of agents in the Chicago area received this recognition.

“I have a very unique business model. We are a hybrid agency able to assist with purchase, sale, rental, or investment from the city of Chicago to the suburbs. We can also buy or sell you investment properties and keep them 100-percent occupied to maximize profits. Buy, sell, rent, invest….You decide! I pride myself on taking the time to explore all the different neighborhoods Chicago has to offer (from the North side of Chicago to the North Shore suburbs where I was raised) and then we can make an educated decision on where you want to live. Not many agents can cover that many areas which is a huge asset to my clients. “I don’t just show you homes…. I show you Chicago!” On the listing side I have access to a large database of clients. I market aggressively by spending my own money to make sure we reach all markets with quality photos, video, and marketing materials to sell your home quickly and efficiently. It’s about creating relationships…. not just a quick sale. “I want to be your Realtor for life!” — Peter Basile, Jr. of AP Realty — Basile Realty Group

The 2015 Five Star Real Estate Agent award winners have been carefully selected for their commitment to professional excellence and overall client satisfaction. The award is based on rigorous research with significant focus on customer feedback and providing quality services.

“Thank you to all of you who voted for me five years in a row. I am truly humbled and will continue to strive for excellence on your behalf. Thank you, my friends,” says Peter.

“Five Star Real Estate Agents are more than knowledgeable experts in their field. They maintain a sharp focus on building enduring relationships and demonstrate tremendous dedication to the families and individuals they serve,” Lynn Hargreaves, VP, Research and Services Operations, Five Star Professional.

Peter’s Five Star award profile can be viewed here.

About the research process:

Now entering its 13th year, Five Star Professional conducts in-depth, market-specific research in more than 45 markets across the United States and Canada to identify premium service professionals.

Five Star Professional contacts thousands of recent homebuyers to identify award candidates. Phone, mail and online respondents rate their real estate agent on 10 satisfaction criteria. Candidates with a qualifying client satisfaction rating move on to be evaluated on objective criteria such as experience, production levels and disciplinary and complaint history. Real estate agents do not pay a fee to be considered or awarded. For more information, visit

Uptown Chicago Apartment of the Week

Uptown Chicago Apartment of the Week


This $1400 apartment is located on Beacon St., between Leland Ave. and Wilson Ave. The vintage 1 bedroom, 1 bath unit is quite quaint and situated on a quiet tree-lined street. This apartment features hardwood floors, a dishwasher, microwave, is cable and internet ready, and heat is included! The building also has a laundry room, gated dog run, and a workout facility! If those features aren’t enough to make you fall in love, the Uptown unit is also close to Heritage Outpost, tons of restaurants, Chase Park, the Wilson Red Line and Metra! This is truly a great property in a wonderful location!


To schedule a showing of this apartment give us a call at 773-248-8800 or schedule an appointment online and reference the building ID 50719!

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Logan Square Chicago: The Future Hipster Hub?

by Tara Teague

Logan Square Chicago: The Future Hipster Hub?


The cultural phenomenon of the Indie scene has urbanely spread quicker than a high school locker room gossip mill; transforming from an aesthetic trend to almost an architectural identity. Despite the all consuming stereotypes that you must rock the black locks and draw heavy on the eyeliner, Hipsterdom has shaped a community immersed full of art, music, and progressive thinking. The free spirit style allows for local creativity to soak in the limelight and corporate replicates to fall to the wayside. Although Wicker Park is more commonly known as the North Star for the new age traveler, Logan Square Chicago is quietly establishing itself as the next place to find your half priced vintage vinyl. Which begs the question; do we unveil this transitioned neighborhood with a rave review, or do we keep our corner pub stool to ourselves and selfishly conceal the pop up galleries gaining inquiring attention?

Logan Theater Logan Square Chicago image by Maurice Ortiz

In my humble opinion, the first glimpse of this hub’s bohemian development dates back to 1999 with the opening of Lula Cafe. Sitting on the square’s South end, originally the go-to for your brunch bacon, this mom and pop has ignited and steadily grown with the demand and advancement of the real estate conversion. In fact, it is now open for all three feast fares of the day and boasts a full bar and two other store fronts. The thriving success caught eye to other local dreamers and has since converted the once simple strip of Milwaukee to a hipster haven. The Logan Square Auditorium, showcasing musical range from hip hop to indie rock, has turned the aesthetic nature of grit to glam in a blink of a graffiti eye.


With a sense of edginess and collaborative creative minds, what’s honorably humble about this area is while it has been gentrified, it hasn’t lost its edge. You can just as easily find yourself at the shiny sushi opening, a 40’s taqueria, while immersing in the three dollar Logan Theater amongst the Latin and Polish roots. The 606 foresight intertwining through the garden filled streets is just one more reason to find a divvy and ride alongside the advocate cyclists and the Hipster Highway. Perhaps the trails leading to the summertime farmers market or the family familiar bodega and produce market, or the casual thrift store indulge for your Sunday afternoon? The mass public transportation allows easy access if peddling isn’t your thing of the snow has found its way to your rustically charismatic porch.

loganSq5 (1 of 1)image by Maurice Ortiz

In addition to the foodie outbreak, the city has lent its hand in helping improve this community’s feel, providing major upgrades to the Blue line stops, and pushing for newer developments to assimilate inviting public space, utilizing urban design and park amenities. A mixing pot of greystones, brick three flats, your occasional bungalows and newly renovated condo living, historical architecture has kept its originality lying withing a wealth of mature maple trees.


While no one knows exactly what’s next for the Square, it’s safe to say its placement on our flower child pursuit isn’t relenting anytime soon. For better or worse, and increasing rent prices, tonight, we dine under the Centennial Monument. Welcome to the radar, Logan.