Candyman, Candyman, Candyman: Chicago’s Haunted History.

From RL Stine, to Bloody Mary, many of us have a childhood ghost story ingrained in our ten year old memory that when revoked in our adult mind, can trigger a nostalgic chill that we gladly would rather forget. Given the nature of this weekend, and a city captivated by Al Capone’s spirit, it’s not surprising that Chicago’s haunted history, would be home to many myths of ghosts, spirits and haunted grounds- including the elusive underground refuge that is said to lie beneath Lower Wacker Drive. With a surplus of novels dedicated to the ghost lore of our Windy City, who’s to judge the legitimacy verse the fable of the untold stories engulfed in an urban oasis of historical secrecy and closed lips.

The 1929 St Valentine’s Day massacre, known to be Chicago’s gang war bloody climax, resulted in 70 rounds of ammunition fired, seven men killed by example and a strong suspicion of Al Capone. With a warfare between the Irish and Italian gangs running the streets, in a time of prohibition, the battle over speakeasies, bootlegging and prostitution hit a peak when it was concluded that the men executed were due to the Capone clan, dressed as police men, and never brought to justice. Next time you find yourself strolling by on a sunny afternoon along Clark and Dickens -2122 North Clark to the exact- and feel a gush of wind… check and see if the leaves are actually blowing.

The Congress Hotel, known to have as many ghost stories as there are rooms, with an elevator that is said to consistently stop on the 12th floor –although no one pushed the button- and bodies said to have been buried within the walls during construction. Known as the ‘hand of mystery’ located in the notorious Gold Room a gloved hand retreats out of a wall behind the balcony. This room, known to host many wedding receptions, has had members of the wedding party vanish in the photographs taken around the notable grand piano. Built over a hundred years ago with Al Capone supposedly a frequent guest under a pseudo name, many claim to see him roaming the hallways. If you’re planning a staycation, avoid room 441. Not only is security called to this room more than any of the other 871 rooms, but at one point the door was secured shut from the outside, begging one to reevaluate the elicit ‘Haunted’ term.

Home of the sinister steps, Excalibur Nightclub was originally known to be Chicago’s fireproof building. After the Great Chicago Fire of 1971, many sought protection within these walls, and many came to face an unexpected fate. More than a few were reportedly thrown over the railing and tossed down the stairs by an invisible force of nature. A candle that sits on a wall that is too high to reach with the help of a ladder, supposedly lights on its own after each incident. Enter is you dare, but I’d recommend wearing flats and watching your footing.

The Drake Hotel, known to many as one of Chicago’s most high end luxury stays, had an opening night to be remembered. New Years Eve of 1920, crowds dressed to the nines, sipping cocktails and eyeing their midnight kiss, the ‘Women in Red’ draped in a satin gown went looking for her fiance, and to her horror found him in a compromising position with another woman. Devastated, the woman climbed to the roof and jumped to her death. Since this, guests claim to see her on the roof, still donning her beautiful red dress.

Mary, a young girl caught in an argument with her boyfriend, decided to brave the cold nights walk home, and sadly was fatally struck by a hit and run driver. Her family held her burial at Resurrection Cemetery. Dating back to the 1930’s there have been over 32 testimonials stating they picked up a thin, young, blonde girl clothed in a white cocktail dress in need of a ride. When they approach the Cemetery, the girl requests to be let out, and then vanishes, gaining the name of ‘Resurrection Mary’.

Whether the 1992 movie, Candyman, is on your Halloween playlist or not, most of us recall the unsettling notorious story-line. But, what many of us don’t realize is the truth behind the screenplay. Cabrini-Green, a rough around the edges neighborhood to say the least, is center stage to the truth of this movie. During this time, murders by entering apartments through medicine cabinets, was not at all uncommon. In fact, it was a fairly simple method. In 1987, Ruthie May McCoy frantically dialed 911, realizing someone had entered her apartment through a hole in her medicane cabinet. The officers who responded to the call and neighbor witnesses that claim to have heard gun shots, left without entering the apartment. Her body wasn’t found until two days later, in an inevitable decomposing state.

With Halloween seemingly consumed of parties, comedic costumes and cocktails, keep in mind there’s always more to what meets the eye. Is it that glass of wine that made you see something you deem impracticable? Or is the impossible, in fact, possible?


Knowing When to Pull the Plug on Your Apartment

Guest blog by Jonathan Deesing, imove

Knowing When to Pull the Plug on Your Apartment


Making the decision to find a new home can be hard. You finally found the perfect place for all your posters and decoration, and it can be a real pain to pack everything up, relocate those heavy appliances, and move on.

So how do you know if it’s the right time to start searching for a new apartment? Here are a few of the major factors to consider if you’re on the fence about packing up and moving away.


If your family situation has changed – whether you’ve decided to move in with your significant other, you’re having a baby, or you’re getting divorced – your living situation may need to change as well. Do you need more room to fit a crib or is that three-bedroom apartment too big now that you’re on your own? A change in family dynamics is one of the biggest reasons you may need to consider a move.

Event if your personal situation hasn’t changed, you may decide you want to move closer to (or farther away from) your extended family. Living close to your family means they can lend a helping hand in a pinch, and it’s cheaper to attend family gatherings when you want. Or maybe you need a chance to break away from the herd and live more independently.



Housing is often one of the biggest expenses on your budget, whether you rent an apartment or take a loan out on a house. If your financial situation has changed recently – or if you know you have a big expense coming up – it may be time to change apartments. Downsizing or moving to a cheaper neighborhood can be a great way to save money every monthly. The same works in reverse, too: if you now have two incomes contributing to your rent or you just got a raise, it may be time to consider upgrading from your dingy basement apartment. After all, research has shown that small, cramped apartments can lead to a host of negative effects.


Congratulations on your new job! Starting at a new company can be stressful, so unless your new job is far enough away to require a move to a new apartment, you probably don’t want to even think about it. You already know how your new job will affect your finances, but have you considered how it will affect your commute? Two years of commuting forty-five minutes each way is enough to get on anyone’s nerves. If your daily commute is grinding you down, moving closer to work could actually have several benefits on your health.

If you have a specific career goal in mind, it’s possible there are some cities better than others for your industry. A new apartment in a new city may be just the change you need to get you on the track to success.



If there were only good, considerate people in this world, then living in an apartment would be a breeze. In real life, however, house parties get thrown, upstairs neighbors stomp around, and inconsiderate people don’t clean up after their pets. If you’ve had to struggle with neighbors or roommates before, it’s not a big stretch to say that sometimes they can make the decision to move a whole lot easier.


Binge-watching cat videos and volunteering at the local animal shelter can satisfy your desire for a four-legged friend of your own for only so long. Unfortunately, a lot of apartment buildings have strict rules about pets: they may not be allowed at all, or there may be specific restrictions on the type, size, and number of pets you can have. Check your lease and follow up with the management company to find out what your apartment allows. If having one is against apartment policy, maybe it’s time to look for a place more accommodating to animals and pet owners.


Sometimes a simple change of scenery can be a real breath of fresh air. A new locale can mean a new take on things, a new perspective, and most importantly, a new start. If you ever feel stuck in your apartment, or you’d simply like a different kind of lifestyle, then consider finding a new apartment.

Your life is not stagnant, and your living situation shouldn’t be either. Regardless of whether or not you ultimately decide to move apartments, it’s always a good thing to take stock of your environment and the way it impacts your life.


Are you considering pulling the plug on your apartment? What caused you to rethink your housing?

Apartment of the Week: Lakeview

$2500 for this two bedroom, two bath apartment in Lakeview is available now! This gut rehab unit boasts hardwood floors, central air conditioning and in unit laundry. Granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances accompany the recently renovated kitchen. Brand new bathrooms, with duel vanities, a separate walk in shower and deep soaking tub. A gas-starter fireplace sits in the grand family room with high ceilings and recessed lighting throughout. Situated in a prime location close to CTA, shops, and restaurants, this apartment also offers tandem parking spaces.

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  • ID: 50864
  • Available: Now
  • Neighborhood: Lakeview
  • Bedrooms: 2 Bedroom
  • Condition: Gut Rehab
  • Bathrooms: 2.0
  • Floors: Hardwood
  • Pets: No pets
  • Heat: GFA
  • A/C: Central air
  • Laundry: In unit
  • Parking: Tandem
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Fireplace
  • Cable Ready
  • Blinds
  • Internet Ready
  • Deck

For more information on this unit please contact Apartment People at 773.248.8800. Our office is located at 3121 North Broadway and we are available Monday-Sunday. You can view more listings at

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Old Town: A Victorian Age of Art, History & Cultural Charm

A neighborhood full of life, Old Town, heavily known for its comedic Second City staple, originates as the hippie center of the 1960’s. Lined with Victorian buildings and a heavy storefront variety of bakeries and pubs to boutiques and highly sought after cuisine, the charm of this area has only grown throughout the historical decades. From sprouting townhomes and high-rises, to single-family homes, the streets are lined in grand trees that stand center to the distinguishing architecture that is among some of the only original brick structures to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. In fact, St. Michael’s Church is what many claim to be the border of Old Town.  Since Old Town does not – on paper – technically exist, many locals will tell you if you can hear the bells of its beloved church, then you are living within this sought after community.

For the history junkie: Old Town’s name originates from World War II, when a fair titled ‘Old Town Holiday’ became so socially prevalent, the name just stuck. And of course was shortened because even back then it was fashionable.

old town 3

If Victorian era and old world character is where your rental desire lies, then this antiquity gem is the area to explore. Generally known to be quite the affluent area, affordable rentals may not be as out of reach as you may think. As fate may have it, I uncovered this Two Bedroom property with very little digging, and mostly just a few keyboard presses, and voila! For $725 a person, you can live in the heart of what some claim to be the ‘most pedestrian friendly street’ and a surplus of CTA options outside your front door.  It may not be your fortress, but this loft style lay-out with the true charisma in the exposed brick and in-unit laundry? These are the properties that don’t last long on listing pages before someone is laying a ‘Welcome Home’ mat in front of the archway.

The great part about Chicago? Even if you don’t live in the neighborhood you can still easily enjoy it.

Dating back to 1950, the Old Town Art Fair is one of the most seasoned art fairs in America. Drawing in over 250 artists each summer to showcase a melting pot of creativity including, drawing, painting, photography, and hand crafted jewelry. Local bands contribute live performances throughout the day, as well as a historic garden walk and even a children’s area. An inviting fair where everyone is welcome allows the true talent that lies within this city to proudly stand on display.

A SNL comedy nerds dream dating back to the 1960’s, Second City has developed into a comedy empire. Known to be the most significant and creative theater in the world, many famous comedians today got their start within these walls. Seen to some as an unconventional way to approach stand up, sketch and improv, their experimental imagination gained them a reputation of discovering generations of comedic superstars. The debut of Saturday night live, began with three Second City alums, setting the tone for what these four walls were capable of uncovering. The continued creation of innovative media found in television, film and digital dimension, The Second City’s imprint is still felt in today’s entertainment outlet. Think, Mike Myers, Steve Carrell, Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey, who started right here in Old Town Chicago. No gym? No Problem. Get your ab workout at the venue where there is not a bad seat in the house.

Standing as one of Chicago’s oldest neighborhoods, these streets are lined with tales of the past. Where better to unveil these stories than from the long standing pubs that accompany the history – and locals – of Old Town.

Marges Still. Dating back to prohibition, originally known as Marges, this pub knew its audience and ran with the rebellion continuing to serve drinks that weren’t so soft. After many years of fighting to keep this place alive, in 2007 the neighborhood was finally heard. Symbolically the name was changed to Marges Still, as a testimony of its past, present and inevitable local future.

old town 2



The pubs that remember it all and probably would like to forget some of it (the disco craze I imagine to be one of those visuals you wish partial lobotomies were invented) Twin Anchors, with its famous BBQ ribs and IPA selection, to Old Town Ale House where pulling up a bar stool means unwillingly emerging yourself with some serious Chicago history. The art of political figures in compromising situations (mug shots), to the very real chance that the man sitting next to you drinking the PBR is a surplus of stories ready to tell you what ‘really happened’ in 1964, and if you get him talking, cancel your afternoon plans.

Living among a city like Chicago is like walking through a piece of prominent history. Old Town is just one of those neighborhoods that if you read between the lines, you are sure to find a story that is much more than what meets the eye.




$2250 – This 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in Lakeview is available now! It has hardwood floors through the main living areas and carpeted bedrooms. Washer and dryer in-unit! Modern kitchen with breakfast bar. Bathrooms have ceramic tile bath with whirlpool tub. High ceilings and custom painted. The building is quiet and secure, and it is situated in terrific location. The unit has an east view, with a beautiful lake view from balcony! A bike room is also available!

[metaslider id=903]

ID: 35964
Available: Now
Neighborhood: Lakeview
Bedrooms: 2 Bedroom
Condition: New Construct
Bathrooms: 2.0
Floors: Cpt/Hwd
Pets: Cats OK
Heat: GFA
A/C: Central air
Laundry: In unit
Parking: Garage
Cable Ready

For more information on this unit please contact us at 773.248.8800 and reference building ID 35964 or stop by the open house this Sunday, October 4th, between 11AM and 1PM. You can view more listings at

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